Things to do in Oakland

Located across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Oakland is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. Part of the Bay Area, its proximity to Wine Country, Lake Tahoe, Silicon Valley and other fun destinations makes it a popular place to visit with over 4 million visitors per year. The city spans over 54 square miles, almost 8 times larger than San Francisco and has a huge selection of gourmet restaurants, fun bars, historical music venues and more. 

Visiting Oakland can be a little overwhelming since there are so many options for activities, tours, nightlife and attractions, so doing a little planning before your visit can assure that you make the most of your trip and get to see the best parts of the city. The CrawlSF Guide for things to do in Oakland pulls together some hand picked recommendations for things that you should see from well known attractions to secret spots that locals love. 



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