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Zeitgeist Bar SF

Located just on the edge of The Mission neighborhood, Zeitgeist is a popular San Francisco bar that is definitely worth a visit. It has been around forever (at least by San Francisco standards) as new bars pop up all around town and old favorites have shuttered, Zeitgeist keeps on kicking. Opened in 1977, the bar has been through an earthquake, the rise and bust of the dot coms, a global pandemic and more. 

It has a dive bar feel, with a comfortable indoor area and a cool biergarten-like garden area, which provides a place to drink and gather with friends outside (which is generally hard to find in San Francisco, despite the moderate climate) Besides the fun setup of the bar and the great crowds, Zeitgeist is known for their incredible beer selection with 64 taps of craft beer and their Bloody Marys. 

No matter what day of the week, if you  are looking for a great spot to grab some drinks with friends, Zeitgeist is always a solid choice.