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Haight Ashbury Neighborhood

Filled with a rich history, amazing attractions and amazing views of the ocean and the bay, San Francisco is an amazing place to visit. One of the cool things about San Francisco is the many diverse and interesting neighborhoods that make up the city, each with their own culture and feel. 

Haight-Ashbury is one of the top places to visit for tourists who want to see the location of the 1960s Summer of Love. An iconic event in 1967, the neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury became the epicenter of hippie culture as nearly 100,000 people headed to the area in search of like-minded people. Participants, also known as flower children, made the pilgrimage to San Francisco influenced by an anti-war, free-love philosophy, the love of music, psychedelic drugs and more. While the phenomenon only lasted for a summer, it had a permanent effect on the culture of the area. More than 50 years later, you can still feel the influences of the 60s throughout the area. 

The neighborhood was home to some famous musicians during the 1960s, including The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane as well as infamous cult leader, Charles Manson. Although they are now private residences, you can still check them out from the street. The street Sign at the Corner of Haight Street and Ashbury Street is also an iconic sight and you can see people setting up to take the perfect instagram picture all day long. Popular shops include The Booksmith, Amoeba Music and Wasteland. 

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