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The name “Old Faithful” can be a bit confusing since there are technically 3 “Old Faithful Geysers” in the world. The most famous one is in Yellowstone Park and there is another one, the Pohuto Geyser located in Rotorua, New Zealand. The Calistoga Old Faithful Geyser is smaller than the other two and not quite as impressive, but it is still one of the very cool attractions to check out if you are in Napa Valley.

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Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga, CA The Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga, California is a unique natural phenomenon that draws visitors from all over the world. Located in the heart of Napa Valley, this geothermal feature is one of the most popular attractions in the area. It’s known for its regular eruptions of hot water and steam that can reach heights of over 100 feet. Visitors to the Old Faithful Geyser can take part in a variety of activities, including guided tours and educational programs. There are also plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area, such as hiking trails and picnic spots. Visitors should also be sure to check out nearby wineries and restaurants for a truly memorable experience. The Old Faithful Geyser has been erupting regularly since 1881 and continues to do so today. The eruptions usually last between two and four minutes, with intervals ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. This makes it an ideal spot for visitors who want to witness a natural wonder without having to wait too long for it to happen. The Old Faithful Geyser is an amazing sight that should not be missed by anyone visiting Calistoga or Napa Valley. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to take in some beautiful scenery, this geothermal feature is sure to provide an unforgettable experience! For a great article about what to expect at the Old Faithful Geyser of California, Check out this great post on the California Through My Lens Website. Interesting Facts:

  • The Old Faithful Geyser of Calistoga is not technically a natural geyser, but a man-made attraction. The geyser was “created” while a drilling for a well. However, the eruptions are natural occurrences. The geyser is powered by a well that taps into the area’s geothermal activity.
  • The geyser can typically reach heights of up to 60-75 feet during its eruptions.
  • The eruptions occur approximately every 30 minutes.
  • The surrounding grounds include picnic areas, gift shops, and guided tours.
  • The Old Faithful Geyser of Calistoga is not related to the famous natural Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.
  • It is one of the only man-made geysers in the world and is a unique attraction in Northern California.

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