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San Francisco is a city located in Northern California and although it is one of the most well-known cities in The United States, it is actually just the fourth largest city in California with a population of less than 900,000 people.The entire city is only about 7 miles x 7 miles (roughly 46.9 square miles) and is surrounded by water on 3 sides.  

The city was established in 1776 by Spanish settlers and quickly grew into a major center for the California Gold Rush in 1849, which is where the San Francisco 49ers got their name. This period of rapid growth transformed the city into one of the most important ports in the West, attracting immigrants from around the world.The city is home to a wide variety of attractions, from world-class museums and galleries to unique neighborhoods like Chinatown, The Mission and  Haight-Ashbury. San Francisco also boasts an array of outdoor activities, including hiking in the nearby Marin Headlands or biking along the Embarcadero waterfront. The moderate climate of the city makes is perfect for people with an active lifestyle. The city is also known for its progressive spirit and commitment to social justice. San Francisco has long been at the forefront of movements like LGBT rights and environmentalism, garnering attention from media around the world. 

San Francisco’s culinary scene is second to none; it offers everything from classic seafood restaurants to trendy vegan eateries. There are also plenty of bars and clubs to explore in this lively city, with each neighborhood offering a unique atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, you’ll find something to suit your taste in San Francisco.

For visitors to the city, you will find an almost endless number of things to do and things to see. Choosing the attractions you would like to see can be a daunting task, so taking advantage of the many available tours is highly recommended. Popular tours in San Francisco include: 

Sightseeing Tours 

One of the best ways to experience San Francisco is through a sightseeing tour. These are great for getting an overall feel for this city and the various neighborhoods, attractions and landmarks. From Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square shopping district to Lombard Street, San Francisco offers breathtaking views and unique experiences only found here. Most sightseeing tours can be taken on foot, by bus or trolley car and many offer guided commentary from knowledgeable tour guides along the way. 

Winery Tours 

Located just North of San Francisco, Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley offer some of the best wineries in the world. Visitors can learn about the history of wine making while enjoying tastings at renowned wineries like Benziger Family Winery, Castello Di Amorosa, Opus One and Sebastiani. Those interested in learning more about Northern California wine culture may want to join a guided tour which will take them through vineyards as well as local restaurants where they can sample delicious foods that pair well with each region’s wines. 

Alcatraz Island Tours 

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Alcatraz Island – home of America’s most notorious prison facility. This historic island was previously occupied by Native Americans before becoming a federal penitentiary housing some of America’s most infamous criminals including Al Capone & George “Machine Gun” Kelly. Today visitors can explore the cells of famous prisoners and learn more about life on The Rock through audio-guided tours as well as interactive exhibits located inside its former prison walls.  A trip to Alcatraz also offers some amazing panoramic views of San Francisco and a chance to see a variety of birds and rare plants that grow on the island.

Walking Tours 

San Francisco also has plenty of options for visitors who want to explore on foot. Walking tours offer up close views of some of the city’s best-known landmarks such as Coit Tower, City Hall, Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Park as well as a chance to walk through neighborhoods like Chinatown, SOMA, and North Beach, giving you a chance to learn more about the city’s rich cultural history from experienced guides along the way. For those looking to hit up several neighborhoods in one day but don’t want to rely on public transportation or ride share services — walking tours provide an excellent alternative option! 

Food Tours 

San Francisco is known around the world for its innovative cuisine scene which blends flavors from different cultures into one delicious plate. Foodies will love taking guided foodie walking tours that take them through San Francisco’s vibrant neighborhoods such as North Beach (Little Italy), Chinatown or Haight Ashbury where they’ll get exclusive access into hidden culinary gems only locals know about. Many foodie walking tours include tastings at different restaurants such as dim sum at Yank Sing or sourdough bread bowls from Boudin Bakery near Fisherman’s Wharf — so guests have plenty of opportunities to sample all that San Francisco has to offer.

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