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San Francisco Pub Crawls


San Francisco Pub Crawls

Looking for things to do on a night out in San Francisco? Why not hit the town and go on a pub crawl?

Pub crawls are a popular social activity where participants embark on an adventure to a bunch of fun bars, savoring various drinks and forging new friendships along the way. They provide a fun and exciting way to explore new bars, hang out with your friends and discover the unique atmosphere that each bar offers. San Francisco, a city known for its unique neighborhoods and exciting nightlife scene, offers an exceptional backdrop for an unforgettable pub crawl experience.

So why should you attend one of CrawlSF’s pub crawls in 2023? For starters, it’s a great way to explore San Francisco’s bar scene and meet new people. Plus, with events like the Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl and Crawloween San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl, you can celebrate holidays in a fun and unique way. The CrawlSF Team has made it our mission to bring people together through a series of annual pub crawl events. These crawls combine the best of San Francisco’s nightlife with various holidays and themes to give you a reason to get out of your house and enjoy the city. Let’s dive into some of the annual CrawlSF San Francisco Pub Crawls you won’t want to miss.

CrawlSF Annual Pub Crawls

LepraCon: St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

Held annually on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Lepracon is a lively celebration of Irish culture and a great way to celebrate the first party holiday of the year. Participants don their finest green attire and embark on a journey through San Francisco’s best Irish pubs. With drink specials, live music, CrawlSF party bus rides and plenty of opportunities to make new friends, this event is a must for those looking to experience the luck of the Irish in San Francisco.

415 Day Pub Crawl

Taking place each April, the 415 Day Pub Crawl celebrates the rich history and culture of San Francisco. 415 Day, a holiday inspired by the city’s area code, is a celebration of all things San Francisco from the energetic nightlife to the eclectic people that live in or visit the city each year. The event features drink specials at a  variety of bars, San Francisco-themed decorations and more. Be prepared for a night full of iconic San Francisco drinks, music, and entertainment.

SanFranCinco: Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl

Taking place around the 5th of May each year, SanFranCinco brings the vibrant colors and flavors of Mexico to the streets of San Francisco. Participants enjoy Mexican-themed drink specials, live entertainment, and more as they hop between the city’s best bars and pubs.

Fourth of July Pub Crawl & Hot Dog Eating Contest:

Experience the most exhilarating Fourth of July celebration at San Francisco’s Pub Crawl and Hot Dog Eating Contest! This special holiday event combines patriotism, drinks, live music, and a thrilling hot dog eating contest. Dressed in your best red, white, and blue attire, explore iconic bars offering exclusive drink specials and themed cocktails. Join fellow crawlers as you dance, sing, and snap selfies throughout the night. Sign up for the high-stakes hot dog eating contest, where contestants race to devour as many hot dogs as possible. Spectators will be captivated by this exciting, heart-pounding spectacle. The grand finale features a breathtaking fireworks display, lighting up the sky in a celebration of American independence.

CrawlTiki: San Francisco Tiki Party Pub Crawl

Escape to a tropical paradise in the heart of San Francisco with the annual Crawltiki event. This summertime pub crawl brings the spirit of the islands to the city with tiki-themed drinks, Hawaiian-inspired attire, and lively island music. Don’t forget to wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt and lei!

Crawloween: San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl

Embrace your supernatural spirit at San Francisco’s thrilling Halloween Pub Crawl. This 3-day event combines eerie ambiance, devilishly delicious drinks, and a night of unforgettable debauchery. Don your most creative costumes and embark on a haunted journey through the city’s iconic bars. Unearth exclusive drink specials and spine-tingling themed cocktails while mingling with fellow ghouls and goblins. As you explore the spooky nightlife, join costume contest and hop on the CrawlSF party bus for a fun ride to each neighborhood. Prepare for an electrifying adventure as you celebrate the most spooktacular night of the year at San Francisco’s Halloween Pub Crawl!

Barbie Pub Crawl:

Release your inner child at this nostalgic pub crawl celebrating all things Barbie. Participants can dress up as their favorite Barbie characters and hit the town for a night of throwback tunes, themed drink specials, and photo opportunities. Doll up and prepare for a night of fun and nostalgia.

SweaterCon: Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl

Bundle up and embrace the holiday spirit with SweaterCon, held every December. Participants can show off their ugliest holiday sweaters and jingle their way through San Francisco’s coziest pubs. With festive drink specials and plenty of cheer, this event is perfect for getting into the holiday mood.

GolfaCon: San Francisco Pub Golf Crawl

Tee off at the annual GolfaCon, a unique pub crawl that combines the fun of golf with the excitement of exploring San Francisco’s best bars. Participants  “play” through a course of pubs, with each stop representing a different hole. Break out your best golf attire and prepare for a night of friendly competition and unforgettable memories.

The annual CrawlSF Pub Crawls offer a diverse range of themed events that cater to various interests and celebrate San Francisco’s unique culture. With so many options, there is a pub crawl for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these events provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the city’s nightlife, make new friends, and create lasting memories. So, grab your friends, mark your calendars, and get ready to experience San Francisco like never before!

2023 San Francisco Pub Crawl Schedule:

4/15: 415 Day Pub Crawl

5/5: San Francisco Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl (DAY 1)

5/6: San Francisco Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl (DAY 2)

7/1: Fourth of July Pub Crawl & Hot Dog Eating Contest (DAY 1)

7/4: Fourth of July Pub Crawl & Hot Dog Eating Contest (DAY 2)

10/27: Crawloween San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl (DAY 1)

10/28: Crawloween San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl (DAY 2)

10/31: Crawloween San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl (DAY 3)

12/9: SweaterCon: San Francisco Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl

Weird and Wild Pub Crawl Facts and Broken Records

Attention brave drinkers and bar-hopping enthusiasts, to the wacky world of weird pub crawl facts and records! Grab a drink, strap in, and hold onto your pint glasses, because we’re about to dive headfirst into a realm of bizarre, mind-boggling, and downright hilarious pub crawl trivia. From outrageous themes to staggering world records, these strange and surprising tidbits will make you the life of any pub crawl and leave your fellow crawlers in stitches! So, ready your favorite drinking chant, and let’s embark on a wild journey that will redefine everything you thought you knew about the noble art of the pub crawl.

The Record Breakers:

The Longest Pub Crawl: In 2013, a UK man named Peter Hill embarked on an epic quest to visit every single pub in the UK listed in the “Good Beer Guide.” After 30 years and more than 20,000 pubs, Hill set a world record for the longest pub crawl.

The Largest Pub Crawl: On December 14, 2013, the city of Kansas City, Missouri, broke the Guinness World Record for the largest pub crawl, with 4,885 participants hopping between bars on a designated route.

The Unofficial World’s Largest Pub Crawl: With a total of 14,093 participants, the San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl on Saturday, October 29, 2022 had the most attendees at a pub crawl. The event featured 43 participating bars in 5 different neighborhoods, party bus rides and a costume contest.

Weirdest Pub Crawl Themes:

The Zombie Pub Crawl: Every year, thousands of undead enthusiasts gather in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the Zombie Pub Crawl. Participants dress up as zombies, complete with grotesque makeup and tattered clothing, and shamble from bar to bar in search of brains (and beverages).

The Pajama Pub Crawl: Why not hit the town in your coziest PJs? Pajama-themed pub crawls encourage participants to don their favorite sleepwear and bunny slippers as they sip on nightcaps and enjoy a comfortable night out.

The Superhero Pub Crawl: Unleash your inner hero at this action-packed pub crawl. Participants don their favorite superhero costumes and join forces to battle thirst and boredom as they save the city from the clutches of an ordinary night out.

The Onesie Pub Crawl: Comfort meets style at this quirky pub crawl, where participants sport their favorite onesies and jump into a world of childlike fun. From animal-themed onesies to colorful patterns, the possibilities are endless, and the atmosphere is always warm and fuzzy.

The Star Wars Pub Crawl: May the booze be with you on this intergalactic adventure. Star Wars fans unite in a galaxy not so far away to celebrate their favorite sci-fi franchise while enjoying themed drinks and mingling with fellow fans.

Pub Crawls in Pop Culture:

Movies: The 2013 British comedy film “The World’s End,” directed by Edgar Wright, follows a group of friends who reunite to attempt an epic pub crawl in their hometown. As they make their way through the 12 pubs on the route, they discover that their town has been taken over by aliens.

Music: The Irish band The Dubliners released a song called “Seven Drunken Nights,” which tells the story of a man who goes on a week-long pub crawl and comes home to find various items in his house replaced by strange objects.

Crazy Pub Crawls Around the World:

The Monopoly Pub Crawl: This London-based pub crawl takes participants on a journey through the real-life locations featured on the classic Monopoly board game. Participants attempt to visit each property, collecting drinks instead of rent along the way.

The Viking Pub Crawl: In the Faroe Islands, an annual Viking Pub Crawl sees participants dressed in traditional Viking garb, complete with horned helmets and faux weaponry, as they pillage their way through local pubs.

The World’s First Pub Crawl?

Ancient Roman “Pub” Crawl: Though the concept of the pub crawl is relatively modern, the ancient Romans partook in their own version called the “Thermopolium Crawl.” Citizens would go from one Thermopolium (a small shop that sold hot food and wine) to another, indulging in food and drinks as they socialized.

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