July 12th marks National French Fry Day, a day dedicated to celebrating one of the most popular and beloved side dishes in the United States and around the world: French fries.

Originating from either Belgium or France, depending on who you ask, French fries have become a global phenomenon, transcending cultures and cuisines. They are a staple in fast food and fine dining alike, loved for their crispy exterior and fluffy interior. National French Fry Day honors this humble yet versatile food, which has been a favorite for generations.

French fries come in an array of shapes and sizes, from the classic thin-cut to chunky steak fries, curly fries, crinkle-cut, and even the trendy truffle fries. And for those that live in the Bay Area, the much-loved garlic fries are always a hit. This variety demonstrates not only the adaptability of the potato but also the creativity of those who cook them. Each style offers a different texture and flavor experience, catering to all preferences.

Celebrations of National French Fry Day often include restaurants and fast-food chains offering deals or free fries. It’s a day for fry lovers to indulge in their favorite variety, be it classic salted fries, cheese fries, loaded fries with toppings galore, or even sweet potato fries as a twist on the traditional.

While french fries are probably something you should only have occasionally since the fried and salty snacks aren’t exactly healthy, National French Fry Day offers the perfect excuse for a cheat day. Order some delicious fries (and maybe a big juicy burger) and enjoy a day of no-consequence eating.


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