Another holiday to celebrate wine. Yay! In case you miseed National Wine Day, Zinfandel Day, National Drink Wine Day, Chardonnay Day or any of the other wine-related holidays, get ready to enjoy a tall glass on Chianti on September 6.

National Chianti Day is a day dedicated to appreciating Chianti, the famous red wine from Tuscany, Italy. This day offers wine enthusiasts an opportunity to explore and enjoy the rich, robust flavors of Chianti, known for its distinct aroma and deep red color. It’s a perfect occasion for wine lovers to gather, share their favorite Chianti bottles, go on a winery tour and indulge in the cultural and historical significance of this renowned Italian wine (disclaimer- it’s really just an excuse to drink a bunch of red wine). The celebration includes wine tastings, pairings with traditional Italian dishes, and educational events about Chianti’s production and heritage.


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