Getting to Levi’s Stadium for a 49ers game can be a difficult task. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving & parking, taking crowded public transportation or paying for an expensive Uber, then make things easy with the 49ers shuttle bus. Upgrade your experience and enjoy the trip to Levi’s Stadium with a luxury bus ride from San Francisco. 

CrawlSF and M Ride offer transportation services to all of the Niners home games from convenient locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Simply purchase a ticket for the shuttle and leave the driving to us.

Does not include Tickets to the the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks game at Levi’s Stadium. CLICK HERE for Tickets.

49ers Shuttle Bus Details:

-The Shuttles depart from Westwood at 10AM. 

2036 Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94123



When the San Francisco 49ers meet their rivals, the Seattle Seahawks, on Sunday, December 10th, Levi’s Stadium will be abuzz with an electric atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of football. For fans eager to partake in this pulsating encounter, we have fantastic news! The Levi’s Stadium Shuttle Bus stands ready to transport you to the heart of the action without any hassle. Here’s why the shuttle bus service is your golden ticket to enjoying an unforgettable game day.

Step into a World of Convenience and Excitement

Hassle-Free Travel
In a city where traffic jams and parking woes can dampen the best of spirits, the Levi’s Stadium Shuttle Bus emerges as a beacon of convenience. Bypass the crowded roads and expensive parking slots by hopping aboard the shuttle, which offers a smooth and direct route from San Francisco to Levi’s Stadium and back.

Budget-Friendly Alternative
By choosing the shuttle bus service, you not only save yourself from the stress of driving but also from burning a hole in your wallet. Parking at the stadium can be steep, and rideshare prices surge, especially post-game. The shuttle bus offers a budget-friendly solution, making your journey to and from the stadium as economical as it is comfortable.

Fostering Community Spirit
The shuttle bus service isn’t just a transport service; it’s a congregation of the 49er Faithful. It’s a place where fans can bond over shared enthusiasm, engage in friendly banter, and build up the excitement as the bus zooms towards the stadium. Who knows, you might make a few friends along the way!

Event Details at a Glance
Date: Sunday, December 10
Kick-off Time: 1:05PM
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Location: Westwood
Shuttle Service Start Time: 10AM

Join us in heralding a new era of game day experiences, where the journey is as thrilling as the destination. Let the Levi’s Stadium Shuttle Bus be your chariot of joy, camaraderie, and excitement, carrying you to witness a clash of titans that promises to be etched in the annals of football history. Book your seat now and be part of the roaring wave of red and gold sweeping towards the Levi’s Stadium on December 10th!



Westwood (Pickup Location)
2036 Lombard Street San Francisco, CA 94123


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