Introducing Proxii: The Best Way to Meet People In San Francisco

Proxii is officially launching in San Francisco.

Another new dating app? Let me guess, this one is “different” than the others…

If you have been burnt out by all of those dating apps on your phone and spend more time texting and planning to meet than actually hanging out with your potential new friends or possible future-significant others, then, yes, Proxii presents a whole new way to approach the dating scene. The app, launched on February 7, 2022, gives you a way to meet people easily while you are at bars, nightclubs or pretty much anywhere, as long as those people are within a few miles of your current location. Rather than planning to meet, you can connect in real-time in real life. Even better, the app was created by three Berkeley natives, so you can support some Bay Area entrepreneurs as Proxii gets ready to take the nation by storm. Download Proxii before the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl and be an early adopter for the San Francisco Launch (and, of course, meet some great new people as you are cruising from bar to bar)

Proxii at the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

Why do you like to go to a bar crawl? To be social? To meet people? To find a romantic interest perhaps? Well, there’s an app for that. Current dating apps are designed to be used from home. Proxii is designed to be used when you’re out on the weekend. So if you’re bar hopping in San Francisco, you can match with others who are doing the same thing. The aim is to be more of an icebreaker than a traditional dating app by helping people connect in real life, rather than online. Hence the Proxii slogan: Meet People, Not Profiles.

We asked Sean Scott, one of the creators, how else he envisioned Proxii being used and he told us, “If you go to a festival such as Outside Lands, you can make your radius the size of Outside Lands, and match with people who are also there. We believe that nothing beats meeting someone in real life. Proxii expands your potential prospects from the bar you’re at, to every bar and nightclub in the area around you.” Scott went on to say, “Dating apps are a funny thing, they’re incredibly popular, with millions of new members every year, yet the majority of users express dissatisfaction. Proxii is designed to get you off of the app as quickly as possible and into a real life conversation, not a chat room.”

All matches and likes expire in 24 hours. Similar to when you see someone cute at the bar, if you don’t bust a move, you miss your shot. By limiting the time, likes and radius, Proxii has entered an entirely new lane for IRL meetups. Connor Davidson (a Co-Founder) told us “People don’t want to meet online. They want to meet organically at a bar, or baseball game, or concert. Proxii just helps them accomplish that. We are more dating, less app.”

We don’t think there could be a better sponsor for our Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl than Proxii given how closely our purposes align. Much like CrawlSF, Proxii is all about creating real life experiences & connections. Just open the app, set your radius, and see who else is single and also out bar crawling!

The app recently launched at UC Berkeley and thousands have already signed up. Davidson says, “We have already helped people find love! A girl messaged us on Instagram saying that her friend found her date to formal on Proxii. We’re just so happy to be helping people make meaningful connections. Another friend of mine was at a bar in Berkeley and matched with a girl who was at a bar down the street. They ended up grabbing a drink that night. What other dating app allows you to do that?”

Proxii will be at McTeague’s to give out free drinks and Saint Patrick’s Day swag to anyone that has a Proxii profile March 17 and March 19! They’ll also be giving out various prizes through a raffle that day that you can enter simply by creating a profile. This is all a part of their San Francisco launch, after testing the waters at UC Berkeley. The duo claims Proxii is ready for the national stage and this will be the first of many events in SF.

So while you’re at any of the 25+ bars we’ve scheduled for this Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl, turn Proxii on and connect with other groups and individuals doing the same thing! Meet people, not profiles.