Harrington’s Bar & Grill Set to Reopen in Downtown San Francisco

San Francisco’s Financial District is Blessed with the Luck of the Irish this Spring: Beloved Harrington’s Bar and Grill will be Re-opening with the Help of the Tonic Group. Raise a Pint of Guinness or Dance an Irish Jig to Celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day!

Anyone over 40, who grew up in San Francisco or who moved here in their youth, is known to reminisce about days of lower rent, simpler times and the neighborhood watering holes that are deeply missed. These neighborhood spots were places we all went several times a week and they were just as busy on weekdays as weekends. The owners were always there. The staff was loyal and worked the same schedules for decades. Certain regulars had their own bar stool or their standing drink order that rarely wavered. These were community meeting spots, with a no-fuss vibe and reasonably priced drinks and fare. These are the spots that San Franciscan’s have referred to as their “living room” for many decades. Such establishments are not completely a thing of the past. They are however becoming more rare. Following the events of 2020, some of the city’s beloved family owned destinations were unable to sustain business in San Francisco. And, with a heavy heart, bid farewell to their extended families, when they were forced to close those community living rooms.

In October of 2020, third-generation pub owner, Michael Harrington had no choice but to permanently shut the doors to Harrington’s Pub and Grill, which had served as the Financial District’s living room since 1935. Regulars were devastated. Located on Front Street and known for San Francisco’s Saint Patrick’s Day Block Party, the shuttered pub triggered a lot of emotions among the people in the neighborhood.

Harrington's in San Francisco
Harrington’s in San Francisco

Recently, the Tonic Group and a few others have brought a St. Patrick’s Day miracle to Front Street. The beloved legacy business is rising from the ashes of the pandemic. The Tonic group is working closely with Michael Harrington and his son Ken, to keep his family pub’s legacy alive, while making some minor improvements to hold the interest of the younger generations. The place will have the same look and feel as it always did, with a few improvements and updates. It is certain to be a place that will appeal to all generations.

The team from Tonic Group are excited to announce that Harrington’s will be open by St. Patrick’s Day weekend! San Francisco once had an energetic downtown and we are excited to see efforts being made to revitalize the area. It is just the beginning for the team behind Tonic. They are dedicated to bringing a brighter future to San Francisco. The re-opening of Harrington’s Pub and Grill will serve as a symbol of hope for the future of the city and the downtown area. San Francisco’s symbol is the Phoenix. It is a place that has risen from the ashes of set backs again and again. This is because of the people, who have been brave enough to take risks, in the most dire of times. We San Franciscans have a choice. We can sit on our laurels and allow the downtown to crumble or we can re-build. It is nice to see people so invested in San Francisco’s future that they are willing to take a risk and re-build. I predict that downtown will once again be a go to destination in the city. Foot traffic is increasing in the financial district, as people start heading into the office again. There is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement building for opening day at Harrington’s already.

St. Patrick's Day Block Party
St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

Front Street will be hosting its annual St Patrick’s Day Block party again this year. Music by Wonder Bread 5 will set the festive tone of the celebration. Harrington’s will, once again, join the family of core businesses on Front Street and open its doors to the public for the celebration. Along with Schroeder’s German Restaurant and The Royal Exchange, Harrington’s Pub and Grill will keep the crowd well supplied with pints, whiskey and good food. Harrington’s will also open the doors on Saturday March 16th, for parade goers looking for a bite or a libation after the festivities. A team of friendly professionals, including a couple of former staff members, will be there to give a warm welcome to all who come in.

Harrington’s is one of those places that has always handed out matchbooks to those who smoke or who simply keep a match book collection. Every match book has the following words printed on it, “you are a stranger here but once”. This phrase pretty much sums up the vibe at Harrington’s. The first time you walk through the doorway, you may be a stranger. After your first experience at Harrington’s you become part of the family. This notion is an important part of the pub’s legacy that the new owners and staff are committed to keeping alive. Stop by and introduce yourself Saint Patrick’s day weekend. There will be many smiling faces, ready to welcome you to their extended family. With fair prices and delicious pub fare, Harrington’s is a place for everyone, an extension of San Francisco’s collective living room. The Harrington’s, will still be involved with the business and will make social calls from time to time as well.