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How Weird Street Faire

How Weird Street Faire

How Weird Street Faire

Unofficially, the nation’s longest running electronic music street festival (a claim made by the organizers), The How Weird Street Faire is one of those things that makes San Francisco great. If you aren’t familiar with the annual events in San Francisco, Street Fairs are an important part of the culture of the city. The annual events run from May to October and are a way to celebrate the diverse neighborhoods that make up the city, with each one adding their own special spin. Events like the North Beach Festival, Folsom Street Fair, Union Street Festival and more bring thousands of people to each neighborhood to enjoy food, drinks, shopping and music.

The How Weird Street Faire, which started in 2000, takes place every year in the SoMa District of San Francisco. The name “How Weird” comes from the actual name of the street (Howard Street), but even though it is just a creative way to pay homage to the location of the festival, weird is probably an appropriate adjective for the event (in a good way). It’s a place where you can get weird and just enjoy a fun day in San Francisco. Many people wear crazy costumes (because everything is more fun when you are wearing a costume) and the day is filled with a diverse selection of dance music so it’s a great place to let your hair down and dance the day away.

Aside from people watching and listening to some great music, you can also browse some great artwork in “Art Alley”, buy some handmade crafts and enjoy some food and drinks from a variety of vendors.




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