Yellowcard Celebrates 20 Years of Ocean Avenue at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Yellowcard was a band that emerged during the early 2000s pop punk explosion, and quickly became a favorite among music lovers. Their unique blend of punk rock and emo, combined with the electrifying sound of the violin, set them apart from their peers. Their breakthrough album “Ocean Avenue” contained hit after hit, including the title track, “Only One,” and “Way Away,” all of which continue to be crowd favorites to this day. However, Yellowcard was not just a one-hit wonder – their subsequent albums showcased their growth and evolution as musicians, as they continued to push the boundaries of the pop punk genre.

One of the most striking things about Yellowcard was the way they incorporated the violin into their music. It was an unexpected addition to a punk rock band, but it worked perfectly. Violinist Sean Mackin’s soaring melodies added a layer of emotion to the already passionate lyrics, creating a sound that was uniquely Yellowcard. Mackin’s energy and enthusiasm on stage were infectious, and his backflips while playing the violin became one of the band’s trademarks. Yellowcard’s live performances were always a sight to behold, with the band’s raw energy and musicianship captivating audiences around the world.


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