Weval - Remember Tour 2023 Coming to August Hall

Weval is a Dutch electronic music duo consisting of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers. The duo first gained recognition for their unique sound and ability to blend various genres, including techno, house, and ambient music. They released their debut album “Easier” in 2016, which received widespread critical acclaim and cemented their place in the electronic music scene. Since then, Weval has released several EPs and two more albums, each showcasing their evolution as artists and their willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles.

One of the defining characteristics of Weval’s music is their use of live instrumentation, including guitars, pianos, and synthesizers, to create a warm and organic sound that sets them apart from other electronic acts. Their music often has a dreamy and introspective quality, with haunting melodies and intricate rhythms that draw the listener in. Weval’s live shows are equally impressive, with the duo incorporating live visuals and lighting to create a truly immersive experience for their fans.

Their ability to combine electronic and organic sounds and to create music that is both emotionally resonant and danceable has earned them a well-deserved place among the most innovative and exciting electronic acts of their generation. With their continued evolution and willingness to experiment, it is clear that Weval is a duo to watch in the world of electronic music.


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