Get ready to “Shake It Off” in style at the Taylor Swift-themed pub crawl hitting the Marina district of San Francisco on April 20, 2024. Whether you’re a “Lover” of Taylor’s ballads or you can’t get enough of her pop anthems, the Taylor Crawl is your chance to celebrate with a drink in hand.

Event Highlights:

Awesome Drink Specials: Enjoy exclusive drink specials designed to celebrate the pop queen’s biggest hits. From “Teardrops on My Guitar” tequila shots to “Bad Blood” shots, our special menu will have you singing (and sipping) your heart out.

Free Entry to Participating Bars: Your Taylor Crawl wristband grants you free entry to the Marina’s most popular bars. Each venue will be decked out in Swift-inspired décor, transforming the Marina into a Taylor Swift paradise for one day only.

Party Favors: No Swiftie soirée would be complete without party favors! Pick up some fun swag at the check-in to get the party started.

DJs and Music: Dance to non-stop Taylor Swift hits and other popular hits at the bars. Whether you’re in the mood for the heartfelt lyrics of “Folklore” or the pop anthems of “1989,” you will have the perfect set list for the perfect day in the city.

Photo Ops: Capture the memories with our Taylor Swift-themed photo ops throughout the crawl.

Find The Gnome: Participate in the fun, CrawlSf Find The Gnome Contest to win amazing prizes.



Your ticket to the Swift Marina Crawl includes exclusive access to all participating bars, drink specials, party favors and an unforgettable night of music and fun.

Taylor Pub Crawl Details:

Date & Time: Saturday, April 20 from 4PM to 10PM

Neighborhood: The Marina

Check-in Location: Del Mar (2125 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123)

Mark your calendars for April 20, 2024, and get ready for an evening of Swiftie solidarity, amazing drinks, sing-alongs, and the spirit of Taylor Swift enveloping the Marina district of San Francisco.


Find the Gnome Contest

Every CrawlSF Pub Crawl features a quirky and fun find the gnome contest, where you can search for hidden gnomes at participating bars. For the Taylor Crawl, there will be 10 gnomes, one for each of Taylor’s current albums. If you find one, not only do you get to keep the gnome, but you also get a Prize Bag and a CrawlSF Season Pass!


Taylor Swift Gnomes


Participating Bars & Themes:


Debut - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Del Mar: Step back to 2006 with Taylor’s debut vibes at Del Mar. It’s all about the beginnings of a star, with a cozy feel and tunes that remind us of young love and country roots.

Expect a scene reminiscent of Taylor’s country beginnings with green hues and rustic decor. Expect butterflies, floral arrangements, and stars scattered around, with cowboy hats adding a fun touch.


Fearless - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Palm House: Get ready to be fearless at Palm House! This spot celebrates the album that made Taylor a superstar. Expect bold decor and anthems that’ll make you want to sing your heart out.

This bar will be bright and cheery, echoing the Fearless album’s optimism. Look for orange and yellow accents, stars, candles, and a nod to the famous yellow umbrella from Taylor’s “Fearless” era.


Speak Now - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Blue Light: Blue Light is channeling the Speak Now era. It’s a place to voice your feelings out loud, surrounded by songs of romance and fairy-tale endings. Feel the magic in the air and sing along to your favorites.

Step into a fairy tale at Blue Light, where purple fireworks, castles, and sparkles capture the enchanting world of Speak Now. It’s all about drama and dreams in this purple paradise.


Red - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Sacred Taco: Paint the town Red at Sacred Taco! This bar brings the emotions and energy of Taylor’s Red album to life. Enjoy a night filled with heartfelt tunes and maybe a little heartbreak.

Red’s intense emotions are captured through red and gold decor. Hearts, red scarves, and heart-shaped glasses set a romantic mood, with champagne and a wedding cake adding to the celebratory atmosphere.


1989 - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Westwood: Flashback to the 1989 era at Westwood. This bar captures the essence of Taylor’s synth-pop phase with a stylish vibe and catchy beats that’ll get you dancing.

Westwood brings back the 1989 era with light blue touches and Polaroid pictures everywhere. Don’t miss the “Welcome to New York” signs and seagulls, bringing a bit of the Big Apple to the party.


Reputation - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Comet Club: Feel the intensity of Reputation at Comet Club. It’s dark, it’s edgy, and it’s all about Taylor’s comeback. Get ready for a night of bold beats and fierce fun.

Dark and mysterious, Comet Club’s Reputation theme is all about black decor with cobra snakes and candles setting a sultry mood. It’s edgy and bold, just like the album.


Lover - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Rockwell: Fall in love with Lover at Rockwell. This bar is all about the sweet and dreamy sides of Taylor. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic night out or just to enjoy some uplifting tunes.

Embrace the whimsicality of the Lover album with pink accents, hearts, and butterflies.


Folklore - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Union Street Ale House: Explore the whimsical world of Folklore at Union Street Ale House. This spot offers an escape into Taylor’s indie-folk tales, perfect for a chill night with deep cuts and mellow vibes.

Folklore comes alive at Union Street Ale House, where grey stars and mirrorballs create a mystical and reflective space. It’s like stepping into another world, full of stories and whispers.


Evermore - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Trinity: Continue the folklore journey with Evermore at Trinity. This bar extends the storybook feel with a twist of mystery and moody melodies that invite you to unwind.

Decorated with a nature theme featuring browns, trees, willow branches, ivy, and moss to transport you into the woodsy, ethereal world of Evermore.


Midnights - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

White Rabbit: Dive into the latest vibes with Midnights at White Rabbit. This bar brings out the cool, reflective themes of Taylor’s newest album. It’s sleek, modern, and a bit mysterious—just like the album.

Midnights shines at White Rabbit, where purple hues meet the soft scents of lavender. Flowers, friendship bracelets, fireflies, and clocks blend to create a magical, timeless night.


Tortured Poets Department - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

The Brixton: Enter the world of the Tortured Poets Department at The Brixton. This bar is all about the deep, introspective sides of Taylor, with a touch of artistic flair.

Dive into the moody, introspective world of Taylor’s latest themes with black and grey accents, creating a fitting backdrop for deep poetic dives.


The Eras Tour - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Jaxson: Celebrate all of Taylor’s Eras at Jaxson. This bar takes you on a tour of her entire career, with decorations and playlists featuring hits from every album. It’s a full-on Swiftie experience!

Celebrate all things Taylor at Jaxson, where decorations from every era of her music come together. Catch The Eras Tour movie and relive every album in one epic setting.


Wizards and Wands - Taylor Swift Pub Crawl

Wizards and Wands: Step into a magical fusion of Taylor’s music and wizarding wonders at Wizards and Wands. This bar mixes spells and songs in a fantastical setting, perfect for fans who love a bit of magic with their music.

Step into a magical mix of Taylor Swift and wizardry at Wizards and Wands. The bar’s already decked out with fun, whimsical wizard and magic decorations, making it a fantastical spot to round out the night.


Taylor Swift Karaoke

Silver Cloud: Taylor Swift Sing-a-long! This bar is all about the fun of belting out Taylor’s hits. As a dedicated karaoke bar, Silver Cloud invites you to grab the mic and channel your inner superstar.

The decor is lively with music-themed elements that set the stage for a night of unforgettable Taylor Swift karaoke. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just want to have a good time with friends, this spot is perfect for fans who love to sing along.



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