The L.A.-by-way-of-Denmark-and-San Francisco duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, aka Poolside, make music they call “daytime disco,” meaning that while they use many of discos well-known tropes like funky basslines, four-on-the-floor rhythms, Latin percussion, and glittery choruses, its a more relaxed and peaceful sound they produce. Their first LP, Pacific Standard Time, totally succeeds at creating a warm and inviting, almost somnambulant, mood – so warm that the band could have called themselves “Sauna” just as easily.

Musically they can take you on a journey where Steely Dan is remixed by Larry Levan; T-Connection wakes you up from a disco nap; Donna Summer is drunk on cough syrup, and Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” is gently plucked from the country and gets you slow dancing to a beautiful end-of-the-night jam.

Throughout the night this duo can also turn up the heat, “Why You Wanna” has a pumping bassline and strutting beat, “Do You Believe” has a spunky, midtempo electric boogie feel, and “Just Fall in Love” sounds something like the Eagles jamming with Chic. Mostly though, expect a relaxed disco groove with lots of interlocking guitars, bubbling synths, and dusty percussion fills. Then mix that all together into a tropical cocktail that will knock you into a coma after only a few sips.
Vito & Druzzi of the Rapture (DJ set)

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