Odesza is coming to The Greek Theatre in Berkeley! Check out the first night of The Last Goodbye Finale featuring Odesza as the headliner and an all star list of supporting acts including Blu DeTiger and Golden Features. The Grammy-nominated band was formed in 2012 and despite the name “The Last Goodbye”, we can expect many more years of great music from Odesza. 

Event Date: Thursday, June 13

Event Time: 5PM

Supporting Acts:

Blu DeTiger
Golden Features

Event Location:

Hearst Greek Theatre
2001 Gayley Rd
Berkeley, CA 94720



About Odesza

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Odesza stands out as a beacon of innovation, artistry, and unparalleled live performances. Formed in 2012 by Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), the duo quickly rose from their humble beginnings at Western Washington University to international acclaim. Their name, inspired by a ship owned by Mills’ uncle that sank, symbolizes their journey of exploration and depth in music. Odesza’s sound, a lush blend of electronic beats, organic instrumentation, and haunting vocals, transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering listeners a unique auditory experience.

Odesza’s discography reads like a roadmap through the evolution of electronic music over the past decade. Their debut album, “Summer’s Gone” (2012), introduced their signature sound, a mix of dreamy synths, crisp percussion, and ethereal samples, setting the stage for what was to become a monumental career. It was their follow-up album, “In Return” (2014), that truly catapulted them into the spotlight. Tracks like “Say My Name” and “Sun Models” not only dominated the electronic music charts but also showcased their ability to meld vocal harmonies with their distinct sound, creating anthems that resonated across festivals worldwide.

Their third album, “A Moment Apart” (2017), further solidified Odesza’s place in the music world. With hits like “Higher Ground” and “Line Of Sight,” the album earned them two Grammy nominations, marking a significant recognition of their talent and influence. This album, in particular, demonstrated their growth as artists, weaving more complex narratives and textures into their music.

If you like Odesza’s music, then their live show is definitely something to add to your bucket list. It’s a sensory journey that merges music, visual art, and technology in a way that feels both intimate and grandiose. Their performances are known for stunning visuals, high-tech lighting designs, and live instrumentation that includes drum lines and brass ensembles.

Their 2018 “A Moment Apart” tour set new standards for live electronic performances, featuring a visual and auditory spectacle that included drones forming patterns in the sky, a testament to their innovation and creativity on stage.

Odesza’s journey from college dorm rooms to headlining major festivals around the world is a great story in the music industry. Their ability to continually evolve while staying true to their original sound has earned them a dedicated fanbase and their shows typically sell out quickly all around the world.


About the Greek Theater

The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California, is an outdoor amphitheater on the University of California, Berkeley campus. Known for its unique architecture inspired by ancient Greek theaters, it was designed by John Galen Howard and opened its doors in 1903. This popular Bay Area venue, officially named the William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, offers a unique open-air concert experience that blends views, historical ambiance, and exceptional acoustics.

It offers an intimate connection between performers and the audience, with a seating capacity of approximately 8,500 people. This intimacy, combined with the natural beauty surrounding the theater, creates a really awesome atmosphere for live music.

Over the years, the Greek Theatre has hosted an impressive number of artists across various genres, from classical music maestros to rock and pop legends. Iconic performances have included acts like The Grateful Dead, who graced its stage multiple times, as well as Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and Adele.




Greek Theatre

Shoreline Amphitheater
One Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043

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