National Frozen Yogurt Day is a celebration dedicated to the creamy treat that has captured the hearts of dessert lovers everywhere. It takes place on February 6th. The day encourages everyone to indulge in their favorite flavors of frozen yogurt, a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream. With its origins tracing back to the 1970s, frozen yogurt has evolved from a simple version to an array of flavors and toppings and a whole bunch of major chain shops like Pinkberry, Yogen Fruz, Sweetfrog and more. From classic vanilla and strawberry to exotic dragon fruit & matcha, National Frozen Yogurt Day is a time to enjoy this guilt-free (OK, so not really guilt free, but let’s call it a cheat day) treat with friends and family, explore new flavor combinations, and perhaps even score some freebies from local frozen yogurt shops.


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