National Cheese Lovers Day, celebrated every January 20th, is a day for everyone who can’t get enough of the creamy (and sometimes stinky) delight. This day is dedicated to all forms of cheese, from sharp aged cheddars and creamy bries to tangy feta and smooth mozzarella. It’s a day for enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite varieties and explore new ones.

There isn’t really much to do on National Cheese Lovers Day, except maybe head to your local cheese shop and pick up an assortment of cheeses, breads, crackers and some wines to pair with your snack. If you do choose to partake in the holiday, then you should definitely make the obligatory social media post and show off your spread. Hashtags like #NationalCheeseLoversDay and #CheeseLove can be used to gain some visibility with fellow cheese lovers.

Looking for a huge checklist of cheeses to try? You are in luck!

Here’s a list of different types of cheeses from around the world:

Cheddar (England)
Brie (France)
Camembert (France)
Gouda (Netherlands)
Roquefort (France)
Gorgonzola (Italy)
Parmesan (Italy)
Mozzarella (Italy)
Feta (Greece)
Swiss Cheese
Emmental (Switzerland)
Ricotta (Italy)
Blue Cheese
Manchego (Spain)
Munster (France/Germany)
Provolone (Italy)
Havarti (Denmark)
Edam (Netherlands)
Stilton (England)
Goat Cheese
Pecorino Romano (Italy)
Asiago (Italy)
Colby (USA)
Monterey Jack (USA)
Burrata (Italy)
Halloumi (Cyprus)
Cottage Cheese
Limburger (Germany/Belgium)
Mascarpone (Italy)
Queso Fresco (Mexico)
Fontina (Italy)
Reblochon (France)
Taleggio (Italy)
Boursin (France)
Gruyère (Switzerland)
Jarlsberg (Norway)
Double Gloucester (England)
Chèvre (Goat Cheese, France)
Comté (France)
Vacherin (Switzerland/France)
Red Leicester (England)
Wensleydale (England)
Epoisses (France)
Valdeón (Spain)
Saint Agur (France)
Cabrales (Spain)
Raclette (Switzerland/France)
Bleu d’Auvergne (France)
Pont l’Évêque (France)
Fourme d’Ambert (France)
Langres (France)
Saint-Nectaire (France)
Abondance (France)
Appenzeller (Switzerland)
Morbiere (France)
Chaource (France)
Gjetost (Norway)
Sap Sago (Switzerland)
Roaring Forties Blue (Australia)
Humboldt Fog (USA)
Tilsit (Originally Prussia, now Germany)
Ossau-Iraty (France)
Cotija (Mexico)
Shropshire Blue (England)
Stracchino (Italy)
Kefalograviera (Greece)
Brillat-Savarin (France)
Mont d’Or/Vacherin Mont d’Or (France/Switzerland)
Caciocavallo (Italy)
Le Gruyère AOP (Switzerland)

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!


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