Get ready to raise much-needed money for an great cause! Even better, do it in your underwear. Cupid’s Undie Run is a 4 hour party complete with a one mile-ish fun run in your underwear, pre-game, after-party, great company, and more fun that you’ve EVER had on Valentine’s Day? Now you can run around in your underwear without getting those judging looks!

Cupid’s Undie Run began with a simple goal: raise money to end neurofibromatosis. With $3.5 million raised last year, this event is only going to get bigger. Join in and take part in one of the craziest events in San Francisco (and that is saying a lot). Even better, you can take pride in knowing you helped raise millions for the Children’s Tumor Foundation and neurofibromatosis research. This is Win-Win all the way.

BIG party. “Brief” run. Raising millions!



About Cupid’s Undie Run:

It’s quite simple, actually. Cupid’s Undie Run is a charity event. There are children out there suffering from a debilitating genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis (NF). NF causes tumors to grow all over the nervous system and can cause blindness, deafness, learning disabilities and severe chronic pain. If these children can be so brave as to deal with the cards they have been dealt, then the least we can do is face our owns fears in a manner that raises funds to help find them a cure.

We’re running for the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF), the world’s largest non-government organization dedicated to ending NF through research. Currently, there is no cure for NF and there are frighteningly few treatment options, but with the $3.5 million (& counting) we raised in 2016 – adding up to almost $11.5 million over the years – we are getting close.


Pedro's Cantina
128 King St, San Francisco, California 94158


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