Cake is one of those things that you really can’t hate. I mean, do you know anyone that actually hates cake? And the king of all cakes (at least in our opinion) is the Chocolate Cake.

National Chocolate Cake Day is a day dedicated to indulging in one of the most beloved desserts, chocolate cake. It is celebrated on January 27. This day is a sweet opportunity for bakers, pastry lovers, and chocolate enthusiasts to rejoice in the decadent flavors of chocolate cake. From classic recipes to innovative twists, it’s a time to bake, share, & enjoy various forms of chocolate cake and maybe a tall glass of cold milk. Whether it’s a fudgy brownie cake, a light & airy chiffon, or a gourmet molten lava cake, this day celebrates the joy that a slice of chocolate cake can bring. It’s also a great chance to celebrate a cheat day and head to your favorite bake shop in San Francisco.