Singer-songwriter and Pianist Tori Amos Brings Her Blend of Sounds to The Masonic

Tori Amos is an American singer-songwriter and pianist, known for her unique blend of pop, rock, and classical music, as well as her distinctive voice and deeply personal lyrics.

Amos began her career in the late 1980s as the lead vocalist of the synth-pop group Y Kant Tori Read, but it was her solo career that brought her critical and commercial success. Her debut album, “Little Earthquakes,” released in 1992, was a critical and commercial success, with hits like “Silent All These Years” and “Winter” receiving significant radio play.

Over the course of her career, Amos has released more than a dozen studio albums, including the critically acclaimed “Under the Pink,” “Boys for Pele,” and “From the Choirgirl Hotel.” Her music has been praised for its unique blend of genres, her fearless exploration of personal and societal issues, and her virtuosic piano playing.

Amos has also achieved significant success on the charts, with several of her albums reaching the top 10 in the US, UK, and other countries. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy nominations and a Billboard Century Award.


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