This traveling pop-up event produces a several-course vegetarian meal served in the dark as an experiment in social change


The event is held at Payne Mansion Hotel from Tuesday, February 16, to Thursday, February 18, at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. each night. (Attendees must choose one date and time.) The meal includes a vegetarian dinner with dessert and a beverage. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will benefit a local blindness organization.

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$79 for a Dining in the Dark experience for one ($125 value)

$155 for a Dining in the Dark experience for two ($250 value)


Blind Cafe San Francisco


About The Blind Cafe


Before the dinner begins, each diner moves their drink to their left hand and lines up, placing their free hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. That person could be a loved one or a stranger, but very shortly, trusting them will become important. A host walks the line to make sure everyone is ready, then pulls aside a heavy, canvas curtain flap, revealing a room of pitch darkness. The group of people file in, led by the waitstaff—blind people lending others their expertise at moving sightlessly—who help the group to their tables.


In the absence of sight, other senses take over at the meal; diners focus on the aroma and flavor of the plates of food that come before them. Local chefs craft purely vegetarian meals, forgoing elements of presentation to instead create interesting textures and tastes. As the evening commences, the meal pairs with an original soundtrack composed expressly for the event before turning into a Q&A with the blind waitstaff. The event doesn’t just excite senses, but aims to educate visitors about life as a blind person. Yet for all the good it does, the event doesn’t stick around forever: as a pop-up based in San Francisco, the organizers bring this experience to cities around the country for special temporary engagements.


Payne Masion Hotel
1409 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94109


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