The May The Fourth Be With You Pub Crawl

Are you ready to celebrate Star Wars in a whole new way? Get your lightsabers and Leia buns ready because San Francisco is hosting the “May The Fourth Be With You Pub Crawl” on Star Wars Day, Saturday, May 4, 2024. It’s a galactic expedition from 4PM to 10PM across some of the city’s best bars.


Here’s what’s on tap: you’ll journey through venues like El Lopo, Decodance, Mayes, Wreck Room and more, each offering drink specials that are out of this world. Think of sipping themed cocktails amidst settings that feel like they’re straight out of a Star Wars movie, thanks to the cool decor and lively atmospheres. Plus, with DJs spinning tracks, the force will definitely be with you all night.

Drink Specials include: $3 Bud “Light Saber”, $4 Dirty Leia, $4 Ruby Bleil, $4 Baby Yoda shots, $4 Green Milk, $5 Jawa Juice, $5 Light side sangria, $5 Dark side sangria, $5 Blue Milk Horchata, $5 Yoda’s Stew, $6 Darth Vader Blood, $7 Light Saber and more!

May The Fourth Be With You Pub Crawl

Chewbacca and Light Saber

Find the Gnome Contest

An exciting part of the night is the “Find the Gnome Contest”. Hidden in these interstellar outposts will be gnomes. If you spot one, you could win a prize bag loaded with goodies and a season pass to CrawlSF, meaning the fun continues all year round.

Star Wars Pub Crawl Map
Star Wars Pub Crawl Map

Bars & Specials

1. Wreck Room: $3 Tecate Cans, $4 Astral Blanco Tequila Shots, $4 Irish Whiskey Shots , $5 Mexican Mule (Astral Tequila, Ginger Beer & Lime), $5 Ranch Water (21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeño Infused Tequila, Lime Juice & Soda Water)

2. El Lopo: $4 Baby Yoda Shots, $5 Light Side Sangria, $5 Dark Side Sangria, $5 Blue Milk Horchata

3. Music City SF: $3 Corona, $4 Micampo Shot, $5 Bandera Margaritas: (RED- Smokey Hibiscus, GREEN- Cucumber jalapeno or WHITE- House Margarita), $8 Bloody Maria, $2 Tacos, $7 Birria Ramen

4. Mcteague’s: $3 Bud “Light Saber”, $4 Solo (Shot of Tequila), $5 Ruby Bleil (vodka,sprite,blue Caracau)

5. Mayes: $3 Bottled Beers, $4 Dirty Leia, $5 Jawa Juice, $6 Whiskey Ginger, $7 Tequila

6. Lush Lounge: $3 Busch Lager, $4 Raspberry Lemon Drop Shot, $5 Watermelon Fizz, $6 Vodka Soda, $6 Stone IPA

7. R Bar: $3 Tecate, $4 Slane Irish Whiskey Shots, $5 Pendleton Rye Drinks, $5 Screwball Shots

8. Amsterdam Cafe: $3 Jell-O shot, $5 Beer Amsterdam Blonde Ale, $10 Michelada, $10 Margarita, $8 Pretzel, $8 Sausage in a pretzel bun, $8 Mac and cheese

9. Hanaro: $3 Jawa Juice (Coors Light), $4 Green Milk (Whiskey shot), $5 Yoda’s Stew ( Vodka + Mountain Dew), $6 Darth Vader Blood (Vodka + Coffee Liqueur), $7 Light Saber (Coconut Vodka + Lemonade)

Star Wars Pop Up

The highlight? Mayes Oyster House has transformed into a Star Wars pop-up for the weekend, pulling all stops to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a cantina far, far away. This place alone is going to be a blast!

The Darkside Bar San Francisco.
The Darkside Bar San Francisco.

The San Francisco Bay Area has a unique tie to Star Wars, being not too far from where much of the magic has been made over the years. This event not only celebrates the epic saga but also taps into the local love for a story that’s captured hearts around the globe.

Plus, if you’re up for a double dose of crawling, come back on Sunday, May 5, for the Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl. It’s a full weekend of fun, friends, and memorable moments.

So, why join the May The Fourth Be With You Pub Crawl? It’s a chance to party with fellow fans, show off your best Star Wars costume, enjoy some fantastic drinks, and make some memories. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just in for a good time, this pub crawl is set to be a stellar celebration. Grab your tickets, invite your friends, and let’s make this Star Wars Day one for the history books!

Stage at Mayes with Stormtrooper, C3PO and R2D2
Stage at Mayes with Stormtrooper, C3PO and R2D2