Wavves and Cloud Nothings to Play The Independent on July 5th

Wavves is a surf rock band formed in San Diego, California, in 2008. The band is led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Nathan Williams, who initially started Wavves as a solo project before adding band members. The band’s early music is characterized by lo-fi production, surf rock-inspired guitar riffs, and Williams’ often bratty, slacker-inspired lyrics.

Wavves gained a following with their self-titled debut album in 2008 and continued to release a series of successful albums throughout the 2010s, including “King of the Beach” (2010) and “Afraid of Heights” (2013). In addition to their studio work, Wavves is known for their energetic live shows and has performed at major festivals such as Coachella and Primavera Sound. The band’s music has been described as a blend of punk, garage rock, and surf rock, and their sound has influenced other indie bands in the genre.

Cloud Nothings is an alt-rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2009. The band started as a solo project for singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi, who initially recorded music in his parents’ basement. The band’s early music is characterized by Baldi’s raw vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, as well as the use of lo-fi production techniques.

Cloud Nothings gained attention with their 2012 album “Attack on Memory,” which marked a departure from their earlier sound and incorporated elements of post-punk and noise rock. The band continued to evolve their sound with subsequent albums such as “Here and Nowhere Else” (2014) and “Life Without Sound” (2017), which featured cleaner production and more melodic songwriting.


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