San Francisco's "Barbie-licious" Crawl - A Fantabulous Celebration of the New Barbie Movie!

Get ready to “glam up” and “crawl down,” San Francisco! On Saturday, September 21 from 4PM to 10PM, we’re celebrating the magic of Barbie with the most fabulous, pink-tastic, and hilariously fun pub crawl the city has ever seen – The San Francisco Barbie Crawl!

Grab your squad and join fellow Barbie aficionados as we paint the town pink, starting at the chic Del Mar, then strutting our way to Westwood, Jaxson, Rockwell, Comet Club, Blue Light, Union Street Ale House, Outre, Sacred Taco, and more! Each participating bar will serve up some Barbie-inspired cocktails and drink specials that are truly “doll-icious”!

Another key element to a great party is music, so get ready to sing and dance to some great DJs throughout the day.

Throughout this whirlwind of glamour, prepare to unleash your inner fashionista and compete in impromptu Barbie-themed games, share laughs with fellow “plastic-fantastic” pub crawlers, and capture Instagram-worthy moments that’ll make even Barbie herself jealous!

But remember, this crawl is for the “grown-up dolls” only, so leave your little Barbies and Kens at home!

As for the dress code? It’s all about unleashing your inner Barbie! Channel your favorite Barbie persona, whether it’s the classic Malibu Barbie, sassy Fashionista Barbie, or something uniquely fabulous. Think pink, sequins, and sky-high heels! And don’t forget your essential Barbie accessories – tiaras, oversized sunglasses, and of course, your very own (pretend) Barbie Dream Car keys!

So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready for a night of laughter, pink madness, and all things Barbie!

🎀 San Francisco Barbie Crawl Details 🎀

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2024
Time: 4PM to 10PM
Theme: Barbie


Del Mar
2125 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123

Union Street Ale House
1980 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Participating Bars:

Every venue on the Barbie Crawl will have a different Barbie or Ken-themed experience. Here is the list of participating bars from the 2023 Barbie Crawl (the 2024 event details will be updated soon):

Barbie’s Car Wash

Fiesta Barbie
Sacred Taco

Barbie’s Kinky Playhouse
Blue Light

Ken’s Gameroom
Union Street Ale House

Barbie’s Beach House
Palm House

Rock ’n Roll Barbie
The Brixton

80s Retro Barbie
Comet Club

Dollhouse Disco

Country Barbie

Malibu Barbie
Del Mar

Ken’s Den

Candyland Barbie
White Rabbit

Barbie Sing-a-long Karaoke
Silver Cloud

Vintage Barbie
The Dorian

Summertime Barbie


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