An elegant yet whimsical homage to the Edwardian era and the creations of illustrator-author Edward Gorey, the Edwardian World’s Faire is part of the world-famous Edwardian Ball. This unique extravaganza merges live music, theater, fashion, circus, fine art, riveting stage shows, literature, ballroom dancing, DJs and character play into a whirlwind cultural adventure. This modern-day Belle Epoque — on the opening night of the Edwardian Ball Festival — boasts a unique vendor bazaar, a portrait booth, the Museum of Wonders, locally distilled absinthe cocktails, steam-powered art and installations, parlor games, alluring sideshows and much more. Experience this evening intermingling gentility with decadence at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom.



Edwardian Ball San Francisco


About the Edwardian Ball:

The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco is a fun celebration that transports attendees to a bygone era. Held annually every January, the event blends history, literature, music, and art into an unforgettable experience. Inspired by the macabre and quirky works of Edward Gorey, the Ball is a delightful fusion of Edwardian-era elegance and Gothic charm. Participants don elaborate, period-inspired attire, creating a dazzling spectacle of fashion. The event features a variety of performances, including live music, theater, and circus acts at the Regency Center in SF. It’s a night where fantasy & history dance together, offering a unique experience into a world of Edwardian splendor and fantastical imagination. Gather your friends or significant other and try out a uniquely San Francisco event that is truly something to see.


The Regency Ballroon
1300 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94109


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