More San Francisco Dave Chappelle Shows Announced

Dave Chappelle has become known for his “secret” San Francisco comedy shows that get announced an hour before they go on sale. There have been plenty that have popped up lately, but if you still haven’t had a chance to check out his act at a small venue, click on the link above and grab your tickets while you still can. Tickets for shows at Punchline SF have been announced and they will go quick!

Tickets go on sale at 3PM TODAY for the Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13 shows. Click HERE to see the list of shows.


About Dave Chappelle

Date of Birth
24 August 1973, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Birth Name
David Khari Webber Chappelle

6′ (1.83 m)

Mini Biography

Dave’s career started while he was in high school at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. His career really took off when he moved to New York City shortly after graduation.

He grew up with a blind grandfather, whose blindness was a direct result of the Tuskegee Experiment.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Monecia Samuel

Elaine Mendoza Erfe (2001 – present) 3 children

Trade Mark
His comedic point-of-view of popular culture and drugs

Newsboy cap

  • Often appears opposite a “Saturday Night Live” (1975) star: Screwed (2000) (with Norm MacDonald), Half Baked (1998) (with Jim Breuer), andUndercover Brother (2002) (with Chris Kattan).
  • Sits in with Howard Stern when in New York. Chappelle is one of Stern’s favorite comedians.
  • Is currently in the beginning of talks about a movie involving his family and historical events they are fictionally involved in. [2004]
  • Turned down an offer to host the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards 2004 (2004) (TV).
  • Was in talks to play Rick James in a film about James’ life. Prior to James’ death, due to some content objections by Rick James himself, it was decided the project would not happen. (2004)
  • His father taught music and voice at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
  • Grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland; Yellow Springs, Ohio; and Washington, D.C., and still lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with his wife and children.
  • Is one of the few (if not only) celebrities to do advertisements for both Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
  • Was best friends and frequent co-writers with Neal Brennan. Their partnership ended when Chappelle abruptly left “Chappelle’s Show” (2003) in its third season.
  • Is very good friends with fellow comedian Mario Cantone, who appears in the “Ask A Gay Dude” segment on “Chappelle’s Show” (2003).
  • He has gone on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (1993) 8 times so far, more appearances than he has had on all other talk shows combined.
  • Due to the popularity of his show, Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom cut a $50 million deal with him that will continue the production of”Chappelle’s Show” (2003) for two more years and will allow him to do side projects.
  • #43 on Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standups of All Time. He is the youngest person to make the list.
  • His favorite show is MTV’s “The Real World” (1992).
  • Made the Forbes Celebrity 100 List with $12 million in earnings.
  • Wife Elaine is a Filipina.
  • His mother has been a professor at Howard University, Wilberforce University, Central State University and University of Maryland. She is also a Unitarian Universalist minister.
  • He has two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim.
  • Likes to play video games, and even has a World Of Warcraft account.
  • Was considered by Kevin Smith to play Fletch in his aborted “Fletch Won” reboot. But Miramax refused him.
  • His maternal grandfather was a blind Caucasian who was raised to believe that he was African-American.

Personal Quotes

  • I still think people do have racial hang-ups, but I think one of the reasons I can joke about it is people are shedding those racial hatreds.
  • If you’re Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and your marriage is breaking up – that’s an awful thing. But to see that speculation in people, it’s gotta sting a little bit.
  • “I figured, let me just cut myself off from everybody, take a minute and pull a Flintstone, stop a speeding car by using my bare feet as brakes.” – on his abrupt departure from “Chappelle’s Show” (2003).
  • I look at it like that word, ‘nigger’, used to be a word of oppression. But that when I say it, it feels more like an act of freedom. For me to be able to say that unapologetically on television.
  • You can become famous but you can’t become unfamous. You can become infamous but not unfamous.
  • I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is beautiful if you learn it the right way.
  • [on living in Ohio] Turns out you don’t need $50 million to live around these parts, just a nice smile and a kind way about you. You guys are the best neighbors ever… That’s why I came back and that’s why I’m staying.


“Chappelle’s Show” (2003) $1,000,000 approx. for season 2

Where Are They Now

  • (January 2003) Currently has his own show titled “Chappelle’s Show” (2003) on Comedy Central.
  • (December 2005) Living in Ohio after leaving for Africa on a spiritual retreat.
  • (February 2006) Appeared on Actor Studio on 12th February 2006