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Biergarten San Francisco

Considering the moderate and predictable weather in San Francisco, it’s rather surprising that there is a general lack out great outdoor drinking establishments. Although there may not be a lot of options, there are definitely still a good amount of great places to throw back some wine, beer of cocktails while you enjoy the fresh San Francisco air. 

One of the best outdoor drinking spots, Biergarten, is centrally located in the Hayes Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco. The venue isn’t fancy by any means, but there is an alluring charm to its simplicity. The outdoor space features two recycled shipping containers for beer and food sales, a variety of tables and benches and some perfectly placed hanging lights (which really add to the ambiance at night). 

If you are looking for some great Austrian and German beers in tap, which would be expected with a name like Biergarten, then you will not be disappointed. Rather than a long list of hundreds of beers, you can choose from an amazing hand-picked selection of brews. The selection of beers is constantly changing, but you can expect a light lager (Helles), a Dunkel, a wheat beer (Weissebier), dark lager (Doppelbock) and a few special selections on tap as well as a cider, bottled pilsner, some wines and more. 

If you are planning to head to Biergarten, make sure you bring your appetite. The food selections are delicious and are also pair perfectly with the available beers and wines from the bar. Food options include some great Bavarian favorites like pretzels and bratwurst as well as delicious snacks like potato salad, burgers and an amazing charcuterie board. 

If you are looking for a great spot to hang with your friends and enjoy some tasty snacks washed down with the perfect beer, then Biergarten is an amazing option. Bonus points for its Hayes Valley location, which offers a great selection of bars, restaurants and shops.