San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best drinking holidays of the year and the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a MASSIVE PUB CRAWL! CrawlSF has put together some killer drink specials and put together a huge list of bars where you can enjoy all the green beer, cocktails and shots that you can drink (please drink responsibly).


*Note: due to the large number of participants, we have added another Check-in Location. You can get your wristbands and maps at any of the locations during the designated times.

MAYES (1233 Polk Street): 11AM to 3PM

PLAYLAND (1351 Polk Street): 1PM to 6PM

ROUGE (1500 Broadway @ Polk): 3PM to 8PM

At Check-in, please present your ticket and you will be given your event wristband and Pub Crawl Map. 

*The check-in at Mayes is usually the busiest location. We recommend checking in at Playland or Rouge to avoid waiting in any lines.

*You can check in at any of the locations. Specials Will be available from 2PM to 10PM at all of the bars unless otherwise noted. 


MAYES: $3 Bud Light, $3 Vodka Drinks, $3 Fireball

MCTEAGUES: $3 Carlsberg Can, $3 Once in a Green Moon Shot, $3 Baby Stout Cocktail

ROUTE 101: $3 PBR, $3 Puckers & Vodka Shot, $3 Whiskey & Ginger, $5 Tullamore Dew Shots

LUSH LOUNGE: $3 Rolling Rock Can, $3 Vodka & Soda/Tonic, $3 Raspberry Lemon Drop Shot

RUSTED MULE: $3 Fireball Shot, $3 Corona Draft, $3 Frozen Grasshoppers

BLUR: $3 PBR, $3 Leprechaun Juice Cocktail, $3 Leprechaun Juice Shot

JACKALOPE: $3 House Beer, $3 Vodka Shots, $3 Vodka & Soda

VERTIGO: $3 PBR, $3 Sweet Peach Tea Cocktail, $3 Pineapple Infused Vodka Shot

R BAR: $3 Bud Light, $3 Skyy Vodka Drinks, $3 Jim Beam Black Shots


PLAYLAND: $3 Bud Light, $3 Wells, $3 Mystery Shots

SODA POPINSKI: $3 House Beer, $3 Vodka Shots, $3 Vodka & Soda

WRECK ROOM: $3 Jello-O Shots, $3 Irish Mules, $4 Bud Light 16 oz.

CABIN: $3 Bud Light, $3 PBR, $3 Well Drinks, $3 Shamrock Hooch Shot

SHANGHAI KELLY’S: $3 PBR, $3 Mulligan Shot, $3 Whiskey & Coke

ROUGE: $3 Green Beer, $3 4-Leaf Clover Cocktail, $3 Lucky Charm Shot

BULLITT: $3 House Beer, $3 Hangar One Shots/Cocktails, $3 Jell-O Shots

HOUSE RULES: $3 Fireball, $3 Irish Whiskey & Ginger, $3 Bud Light, $4 Jell-O Shots (or 5 for $15), $10 Chicken Bites

HO’S TAVERN: $3 Green Beer, $3 Fireball Shots, $3 Gin & Tonic

TONIC: $3 House Beer, $3 Hanger One Shots/Cocktails, $3 Jell-O Shots

2018 CrawlSF San Francisco Pub Crawls:

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12/15: SweaterCon San Francisco Pub Crawl


San Francisco St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl
1233 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109


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