Contemporary R&B Artists Weston Estate and Greek Hit the Stage at August Hall

Weston Estate and Greek are both up-and-coming musicians who have been making waves in the contemporary R&B and hip-hop scenes.

Weston Estate is a Canadian musician who first gained attention with his debut single “Monday Night.” His music is characterized by its smooth, soulful vocals and laid-back beats, creating a sound that is both relaxing and infectious. His lyrics often touch on themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, with tracks like “Questions” and “No Rush” addressing the challenges of navigating modern romance.

Greek, on the other hand, is an American rapper who has been making a name for himself with his hard-hitting beats and socially conscious lyrics. His music often addresses issues like police brutality, systemic racism, and economic inequality, with tracks like “Black on Black” and “Money Talks” offering a powerful commentary on the state of society today. Greek’s music is also characterized by his dynamic flow and raw, emotional delivery, making him a compelling voice in the contemporary hip-hop landscape.

Overall, Weston Estate and Greek are both exciting young musicians who are pushing the boundaries of R&B and hip-hop in their own unique ways. Their music offers a glimpse into the struggles and aspirations of a new generation, making them important voices in the evolving music landscape.


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