The Offspring with Simple Plan and Sum 41 bring the Let the Bad Times Roll Tour to Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Offspring is a punk rock band from Orange County, California, that formed in 1984. Their breakthrough album, “Smash,” was released in 1994 and remains one of the best-selling independent albums of all time. The band’s unique blend of punk rock, pop hooks, and tongue-in-cheek humor has made them one of the most beloved and influential bands of the genre. Their songs often touch on social and political issues, but they also have a fun, irreverent side that makes their music incredibly relatable and catchy.

One of the most distinctive things about The Offspring is the voice of frontman Dexter Holland. His distinctive nasal delivery and catchy melodies have become a trademark of the band’s sound. The band’s lineup has also remained remarkably consistent over the years, with Holland and guitarist Noodles as the core members. Their live shows are a high-energy celebration of punk rock, with the band always giving their all on stage. The Offspring has also been known for their creative music videos, which often have a quirky, offbeat humor that perfectly complements their music.

The “Let the Bad Times Roll” tour brings together three iconic punk rock bands – The Offspring, Simple Plan, and Sum 41 – for a high-energy celebration of the genre. The Offspring, with their irreverent humor and catchy melodies, were the perfect headliners for the tour, while Simple Plan’s pop-punk anthems and Sum 41’s heavier sound add variety to the lineup. The tour is a must-see for fans of punk rock, and it is a testament to the enduring appeal of these three iconic bands.


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