What is National Popcorn Day?

National Popcorn Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating popcorn, a popular snack known for its unique puffiness and delicious flavor (especially when it is covered in butter). This informal holiday is observed annually, though its exact origins aren’t really known. National Popcorn Day is celebrated on January 19th every year.

Since National Popcorn Day is one of those weird and unusual holidays that isn’t technically and official holiday, you won’t really find any special events or celebrations. However, since popcorn is a tasty treat, why not take advantage of the day and chow down on your favorite popcorn flavors.

If you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate the holiday, here are a few ideas:

Trying Different Flavors: People experiment with different popcorn flavors, ranging from the classic butter and salt to more gourmet or unusual combinations like cheese, caramel, chocolate, or spicy seasonings.

Go to the Movies: Given popcorn’s strong association with movie watching, it makes sense to head down to your local theater and order a big ass bucket of popcorn to enjoy while you watch a movie on the big screen. Even better, a lot of theaters are offering some sweet deals for the day (see list below).

Create Your Own Gourmet Popcorn: Feel like getting creative in the kitchen? Pop some plain popcorn and experiment with some new flavors.

National Popcorn Day Deals:

AMC Theaters: Whether you are waiting for the MOASS with AMC Stock or just like the high-tech AMC Theater experience, you can stuff yourself to the brim on National Popcorn Day. AMC is offering free refills all day, so why not enjoy a double (or even triple) feature and enjoy a marathon movie day.

Cinepolis: Enjoy $2 off bottomless butter popcorn and 1/2 off caramel popcorn

Cinemark: Medium and large popcorn is $2 off

Alamo Drafthouse: Free popcorn with a minimum $5 food/drink purchase

Regal Cinemas: 50% off all popcorn

Social Media:

Looking for some interesting content for Instagram or Tik Tok? National Popcorn Day is popular on social media, with people sharing recipes, photos, and creative popcorn-related content using hashtags like #NationalPopcornDay.


Popcorn Flavors

While we will never get tired of butter and salt, there is a whole cornucopia of different flavor options for the popcorn lover with a sophisticated palette. Here are some common (and not-so-common) flavors to try.

Common Popcorn Flavors:

Butter and Salt: The classic movie theater flavor, known for its rich, buttery taste and a good pinch of salt.
Cheese: Often made with cheddar or other cheese powders, offering a tangy and savory taste.
Caramel: A sweet option, where popcorn is coated with a layer of caramel, resulting in a crunchy, sugary snack.
Kettle Corn: A sweet and salty variety, traditionally made by cooking popcorn in a large kettle with oil, sugar, and salt.
Plain: Simply air-popped popcorn without any added flavors, valued for its natural taste and low calories.

Unusual Popcorn Flavors:

Truffle: A gourmet option, using truffle oil or seasoning for a rich, earthy flavor.
Bacon and Maple: Combining the smokiness of bacon with the sweetness of maple syrup for a unique savory-sweet experience.
Sriracha: Spicy and tangy, this flavor is inspired by the popular hot sauce, offering a fiery kick.
Dill Pickle: Infused with the tangy and herby taste of dill pickles, appealing to those who love sour flavors.
Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt: A decadent mix of sweet and salty, using dark chocolate for a richer, more sophisticated taste.
Matcha Green Tea: Coated with matcha powder for a slightly sweet, earthy, and distinctly green tea flavor.
Curry: A combination of spices like turmeric, cumin, and coriander, offering an Indian-inspired taste.
Garlic Parmesan: A savory mix of garlic and Parmesan cheese, creating a rich, Italian-inspired flavor profile.
Pumpkin Spice: A seasonal favorite, often featuring a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger.
Wasabi: Offers a sharp, pungent kick similar to the Japanese horseradish, appealing to those who enjoy spicy and intense flavors.

Popcorn itself is a type of corn kernel that expands and puffs up when heated. Its history as a snack dates back thousands of years, with evidence of popcorn consumption by indigenous peoples in the Americas. Today, popcorn is enjoyed worldwide and is praised for being a relatively healthy snack option when prepared without excessive butter or sugar. National Popcorn Day celebrates this enduring and beloved treat.


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