Every year, on the third Thursday of April, people across the globe participate in National High Five Day, a fun, unofficial holiday that celebrates the simple yet powerful act of giving a high five. This day is dedicated to spreading positivity, camaraderie, and goodwill through a gesture we all know and love.

The Origins of High Five Day

National High Five Day was first celebrated in 2002, and it has an origin story as spontaneous as the gesture it celebrates. The idea was conceived by a group of students at the University of Virginia. These students set up a stand on their campus and gave out high fives and lemonade. The purpose was simple yet profound: to create a ripple of joy and human connection.

The Evolution of a Simple Gesture

The high five itself has an interesting and somewhat contested history. Some trace its origins to the sports world in the late 1970s, particularly to a spontaneous moment during a baseball game. Others argue its roots go back much further, evolving from its less enthusiastic cousin, the handshake. Regardless of its true origins, the high five has become a universal symbol of celebration.

So, on April 18, head out into the city and give out some sweet high fives. Remember, some people might not want to give you a high five or may just hate high fives altogether. Use caution when celebrating high five day to ensure a great experience for everyone.

Bonus Tip: Since a botched high five is always disappointing, there is a simple trick to make direct contact. Each person just needs to look at the other persons elbow while performing the high five and you are good to go!



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