Alternative Artist Grandson Takes Center Stage at the Warfield on June 26th

Grandson is a rising star in the alternative music scene, known for his unique blend of rock, hip-hop and electronic influences. The Canadian-American musician, whose real name is Jordan Benjamin, began making music as a teenager and gained traction on social media with his politically charged and socially conscious lyrics. His debut EP “a modern tragedy vol. 1” was released in 2018 and features the hit single “Blood//Water,” which has over 200 million streams on Spotify.

Grandson’s music is characterized by his raw, emotive vocals and powerful instrumentals, often featuring distorted guitar riffs and hard-hitting beats. His lyrics tackle issues such as corruption, inequality and mental health, with a focus on inspiring social change and promoting activism. He has been praised by critics for his thought-provoking lyrics and willingness to address controversial topics.

In addition to his music, Grandson is known for his high-energy live performances and engaging stage presence. He has toured extensively across North America and Europe, including major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella and Reading and Leeds. Grandson’s live shows are a unique and immersive experience, featuring crowd-surfing and mosh pits, and his connection with the audience is a testament to his authenticity and passion for his craft.


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