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R Bar

R Bar San Francisco

You may hear a lot of people refer to R Bar as a “dive bar” and while it’s kind of hip to be called a dive bar, this popular spot off lower Polk Street is more of a friendly, neighborhood bar than a dive. It’s kind of like San Francisco’s version of Cheers, complete with some fun regulars in their usual spots on the bar, affordable drink prices, friendly bartenders and a great selection of songs playing that will have you singing along by the 3rd drink. 

You may also hear people say that R Bar is a locals bar, which is true, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this hidden gem. Originally opened in 2003, R Bar has become a staple among San Francisco bars because it is just a damn good place to have a drink. Whether you have lived in San Francisco for your whole life or just visiting for the weekend, the staff and patrons at the bar will make you feel like you have been drinking there for years. 

R Bar has a simple design with a large bar taking up most of the area near the entrance, a small dance floor towards the back and another room with a dartboard and some sweet pinball machines. R Bar’s location has actually been operating as a bar since 1940, so there is a long history of crazy times at this spot. It’s busy almost every night of the week, so if you visiting San Francisco, make sure to stop by R Bar, play a song on the jukebox and grab a Fernet Branca, which is a favorite among the patrons.