The Next Youtube Star is…Slim Jesus?

It seems like there hasn’t been a really big viral video in a while, but an 18-year old kid from Ohio may have found the secret formula. “Drill Time,” a rap video from Slim Jesus, features some young kids singing aggressive lyrics, pointing guns and waving stacks of money, which makes you feel at least a little bit uncomfortable.

Although the video was posted on August 18, it hit some momentum today trending on twitter, most likely from an article posted on (excerpt below)

“Move over Chief Keef and Lil Herb: emerging out of the thin air of the Internet comes a new rapper draped up in Louis V and True Religion, flashing three-figure belts, brandishing guns and repping that drill scene: Slim Jesus. The 18-year-old Hamilton, Ohio, native’s video is slowly but surely taking over Twitter this week.

In a phone interview with Complex, Slim Jesus talked to us about the early stages of his rap career and revealed that “Drill Time” is the first song he’s had take off. “It got like 4,000 in one day and that was crazy to me already, and now it has like hundreds of hundreds of thousands.” Slim has only been seriously rapping for the last couple of months, but has been making music for a few years now.

As far as his name, he said his friends started calling him Swag Jesus and over time it transformed to Slim Jesus. “Yeah, and we flipped it and made it Slim, for obvious reasons, I’m skinny as hell. But uh, yeah I just kind of stuck with it. It made people mad for shock value. The name worked.” Slim said that he makes drill music now because that’s what he listens to regularly, especially Keef, Lil BibbyLil Herb, and more. “Ugh, I don’t know, that’s just the music I fuck with,” he said, though he resides in Ohio and not Chicago, where Drill music hit the mainstream.”

Right now, the song has a modest 39,110 views, but tomorrow should be exponentially higher. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for Slim Jesus…